Transit is Green.

Live sustainably.

By taking transit instead of demanding larger roadways, more green space can be set aside for parks, recreation, and other infrastructure. One LRT line can replace up to 8 lanes of rush hour traffic, so taking transit helps Edmonton expand with fewer growing pains.

Cut your carbon footprint.

An average transit rider creates 65% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than an auto user on the same trip. If you are the sole occupant of your vehicle on the way to work or school, more than two tonnes of yearly emissions can be cut by changing to public transportation.

Emit less.

Half of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. Passenger vehicles account for 21% of nitrogen oxide emissions, and about half of volatile organic compound emissions. By taking transit, you’re greatly reducing your ecological footprint.

Transit is Smart.

Save your money —

Transit riders save money on car ownership, car maintenance, insurance, and fuel. Plus, transit passes are now tax deductible! The average Edmonton household (of 2.5 people) spends $13 903 on transportation every year. Adult public transit passes would cost the same household only $2065!

— And ours.

Every $1 billion invested in public transportation saves more than $1.5 billion in infrastructure expenses, both for highway and transit users. Plus, it generates 36,000 jobs!

Safety first.

You’re 170 times less likely to be injured in a traffic accident while taking transit than you are in a passenger car.

Make the best use of your time.

By using transit you can gain back an hour or more every day to read, listen to music, or unwind after a busy day. Take the time to plan out a project or catch up on the news, without the distraction of other drivers and road conditions.

Transit is Cool.

Ride in style!

The New Flyer Low Floor Bus used by ETS is worth a cool $600 000! Compare its efficient, dependable design with a $300 000 Lamborghini.

Be cool in the cool.

In the winter, you don’t have to worry about the LRT or bus not starting. ETS busses and trains are always toasty warm, and they don’t need to be plugged in at night or started early in the morning.

Chill with friends.

The bus and LRT are great places to hang with friends, while on your way to a party, game, or movie. Planning to take transit also means you don’t have to worry about designating a driver or hiring a cab if you’re thinking of having a few drinks.

A chance to relax.

Replacing your morning commute with a ride on the bus or train provides an excellent opportunity to relax. Escape rush hour and road rage with ETS!

Transit is our passion.

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Who are these “Ninjas”?

They’re volunteers from the City of Edmonton Youth Council.

CEYC General Assembly members at ETS' Centennial Garage.

We owe thanks to the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Transit System for making this project possible. Special thanks to Lyndia Peters, City of Edmonton Youth Council Coordinator, and Vicki Gudelj, Edmonton Transit System Market Planner.

This project was organized by Keita Hill, Chair, and Ranek Kiil, of the City of Edmonton Youth Council’s Transportation Subcommittee. Our website and logo were designed by Ranek Kiil, and our stickers were designed by Ranek Kiil and Ella Lin. Thanks to Stephanie Mah and James Hoffman for photos.